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Is a 15 year old Swedish brand

Clogs, sandals and boots imported from Sweden

The selection of skins is carefully chosen by Liat Jacobson and Naga Kun

Great emphasis is placed on choosing shades while communicating with leading trends

The shoes are orthopedic and handmade

The clogs are comfortable and fit all year round

For every question we are here

Contact us

+ 972-50-7448621

Or by email

Refund Policy

If you want to replace a measure or for any other reason, there is no problem but it is important to note that replacement and return are conditional on not using the product. You can contact the specified number on the site and request a replacement or return, or a form - contact us on the site.

Only upon approval by us will cancellation or replacement be possible. In case of cancellation of a transaction, the return of the product applies to the buyer, and also the shipping cost within 14 business days of the purchase of the product. Items purchased in Sail are subject to exchange or return within only 7 business days.

Shipping Regulations

We will do everything possible to meet the shipping times you chose at the time of purchase. However, we will not be responsible for all

Delay in the supply of the product caused by external factors, or due to natural events and other changes.


The shipment will arrive at the address specified by the customer at the time of the transaction. We mention again: Purchase Ordered by Registered Mail, Free Shipping. I would like to take into account delays that are not our responsibility.

Shipping by courier involves the payment indicated on the website and is not included in the product price


Wishing all of us happiness and joy always


Purchase on the site is via credit, and PayPal. . The transaction will be made after payment is made.


The site price includes VAT.


-Customer Service: Dear Women, I am here for all questions, consultation and clarification.

Liat -0507448621 or email:


- Warranty and service - I as a woman who at the end of the day is also the consumer that is most important to me, who enjoy and plow on the product. When you make a purchase you will be complete with yourself. Our clogs are lightweight so you can stand on them most of the day and enjoy the product properly. Any defect in the product caused by jonahs clogs is our responsibility. The product warranty is for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase. Jonahs clogs will not be liable in the event that the product is damaged as a result of improper use of the product.

A tip from you: Don't put ink, grease, and glue on the clogs. If a product is defective due to the use of detergents or anything that is inappropriate we jonahs will not be held responsible.

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